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Solution to the Climate Crisis

AWE Industries creates a solution to the Climate Crisis

What is the current situation?

The National Academy of Sciences has estimated that to meet the Paris Agreement goals, 10 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide will need to be removed globally each year through 2050, and 20 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide will need to be removed each year from 2050 to 2100, as well.

Can AWE system replace fossil fuels?

AWE Industries has developed a groundbreaking technology that produces baseload utility scale renewable energy on par with nuclear and coal while at the same time scrubbing billons of tons of CO2. One 48MW AWE system can remove and avoid 156,000 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere while powering 50 thousand homes and producing 600 million gallons of water a year. 

Can the planet be cooled?

Experts agree that the first step for cooling the planet is preventing CO2 from entering the atmosphere. At the same time, find ways to remove it.

Do AWE systems remove CO2?

65,000 deployed AWE systems would remove 10 billion metric tons of CO2 a year.

Is CO2 scrubbing a new technology?

No, CO2 scrubbing is not a new technology; it has been around for decades and applied in many ways. 

Do AWE systems cool the planet?

Fully deployed AWE systems producing baseload utility scale renewable energy coupled with its comprehensive carbon scrubbing ability will reduce the effects of Climate Change within five years.  

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