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Scalable solutions
where you actually
need it.

Business as usual is over. Nothing is out of bounds.

We make the only 24/7, on-demand, utility-scale renewable energy solutions that are NOT incumbent on location. It doesn’t matter where your needs may be, AWE devices can be operational anywhere power and water are necessary – from remote construction sites to crypto mining centers. There are literally zero locations on earth the AWE devices can’t supply you with the energy your company desires.


With the smallest footprint of any energy source, AWE devices can squeeze into tight spaces as small as 5000 square feet with an output of 10 megawatts, and 15 million gallons of water. Plus, AWE systems are modular so they can expand to meet future needs no matter what they may be.

Computer generated image of AWE at work.

With an eye on the future, AWE plans to create a portable system with an output of 375 kilowatts for organizations that need power and water in the
most remote locations teams can imagine. Nothing is ever out of bounds with AWE.

When you look at how the various traditional and renewable power sources stack up, it’s indisputable that AWE solutions are far and away better in all measurable categories.

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Crops, orchards, livestock, cannabis, fertilizer production, well recharging. Bringing life back to badly hit communities.

business sectors awe serves


Server farms, crypto mining, water-cooled air-conditioning systems, micro grid capable, stand-alone infrastructure.


Commercial and retail centers. Auto, apparel, food processing, industrial diamonds, carbon concrete, and more.


100% Renewable infrastructure, easily produced feasibility studies, base-load power, power during peak and off-peak times.


Commercial & retail centers. No need for traditional distribution infrastructure. Works with existing distribution infrastructure.


Mining, Quarrying, Oil, and Gas. Power & water closer to mining source, fire prevention, cooled equipment, dust mitigation.

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