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helping communities and institutions see the future of renewable energy today

From small colleges to state power needs, awe can deliver continuous power 24/7/365.

AWE can provide renewable energy to local, state and federal government entities in order to comply with, and exceed renewable energy goals; including those of the military, civil engineering, higher education institutions, correctional facilities, and utilities.


Most government entities that have already invested in renewables are coming up short on their performance. AWE devices can augment current wind or solar installations to provide continuous power all the time no matter what the conditions — rain or shine, windy or still, day and night.

Generic university campus. It does not have an AWE device.

Computer generated image of AWE at work. No AWE device is actually at this military base.

In addition to government related institutions, other large energy consumers can easily benefit from AWE’s devices’ high efficiency, small footprint renewable energy production. Perfect for isolated military installations, both cost- and environmentally-conscious universities & colleges, and other institutions that are realizing that not acting today will dramatically cost them in the future.

Unique to AWE, our Atmospheric Wind Extractors have the added bonus of producing utility-scale water in order to serve local communities and fulfill regional needs. With many areas seeing record droughts, the water AWE devices can provide to current water infrastructure can mean charging dangerously-low to depleted aquifers and reservoirs, thus bring life back to communities.


Charging station infrastructure. Power plant recommissions. Disaster recovery. Distributed power generation. Grid security.

Institutional sectors awe serves


Reduce power outages. Disaster prevention & recovery. Aquifer and reservoir recovery. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Community power & water. Park and recreation irrigation. Expand housing & business development to areas without utility services.


Forward operating base infrastructure. Easily deployable. Expandable & modular. Refugee and base camp infrastructure.


New technology curriculum. Independent renewable power & water support both the institution and local community.


Distributed power generation. Power grid security. Meet renewable goals. Public utility commission compliant.

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