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80% Off-the-shelf.*
20% patented innovation.
100% game changing.

NOT just a different or new type of wind turbine.

Applying known physics and technology in use for decades, the revolution is in the integrations of wind & water systems, and optimization of energy production and storage. Over 80% of components are off-the-shelf.

Unlike wind turbines, the AWE rotor technology and energy storage system is unique in combining the power of the wind with atmospheric compression to create the ultimate in 24/7, on-demand, utility-scale renewable energy, along with utility-scale water production. And operates with winds as low as 2 mph/ 3.2 kmph

Never before in history has there been a renewable energy technology that successfully addresses both energy and water challenges that humanity is facing. The beauty is that AWE systems can be installed virtually anywhere power or water is needed. Unlike other renewable technologies, like wind turbines, solar, and hydroelectric, there are virtually zero restrictions.
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“It sounds too good to be true, the costs must be prohibitive.” The AWE systems produce energy at the lowest cost per installed kW. Plus, it’s scalable from portable systems (future planned) of 375 kW to the current larger systems of 1MW up to 1GW.

Download AWE Model 20 datasheet

Computer generated image of AWE at work.

FEATURES at a glance

  • Requires less than 3mph wind to operate
  • Runs continuously 24/7/365 days a year
  • Can continue to operate without any wind for 14-days
  • Requires the least amount of real estate
  • Can be installed directly at substations or where power is needed
  • Quickest deployment time for implementation
  • Can start with very low wind without kick-start energy
  • 3X the capacity rates than any other renewable technology
  • Produces utility scale potable water
  • Over 80% of internal components sourced off-the-shelf
  • NASA-grade engineering and design

square feet NEcessary TO PRODUCE 1 kW of power

The footprint of AWE devices is less than any other source of power, and the carbon credit balance is higher than any other source of power.

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