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bitcoin’s environmental impact is becoming an issue

Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index calculates that crypto miners burn about 300 terawatt-hours of electricity a year. Seven times that of all of Google worldwide. By using non-renewable energy, the frenetic computing by hundreds of thousands of bitcoin miners the process spews more than 100 million tons of CO2 annually. 

The answer is renewables, but the issue is that they are not reliable all of the time. Solar and wind farms don’t produce a steady enough supply to run mining operations around the clock. Hydro is limited in where it’s available and can be affected by weather conditions. Nuclear is costly to build and the lethal waste will essentially be around forever.

Bitcoin mining consumes roughly 0.5% of all energy consumption worldwide.

Computer generated image of AWE at work.

the perfect power source for crypto mining is here

The patented AWE constant power output technology is far greater than existing renewable technologies, cheaper on par with nuclear and coal. It’s a radically unique, efficient and a practical method of harnessing the power of wind. AWE devices store portions of the captured wind energy, allowing continuous off-the-grid generation of electricity as a primary energy source and it’s designed to operate and produce electricity in wind conditions as low as 2 mph.


Best of all, it can produce electricity in any condition, even with no wind for up to 14 days. It’s exactly what is necessary to keep crypto mining moving forward without the negative environmental impact of other energy sources.

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