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It’s not affordable if it isn’t always available

Industrial customers’ facilities and equipment use electricity for processing, producing, or assembling goods. Overall, this sector uses a third of the nation’s electricity. More than half of the electricity used in manufacturing goes to power various motors. Other sizable uses include lighting and heating, cooling, ventilation, and electro-chemical processes in which electricity is used to cause a chemical transformation. Electricity use in the industrial sector tends not to fluctuate through the day or year, manufacturing facilities operate around the clock so they can’t afford energy sources that don’t produce a steady enough supply of energy, like wind turbines and solar panels. Reliability is everything.

Manufacturing consumes roughly 30% of all energy consumption worldwide.

awe devices power your production 24/7/365

Unlike wind turbines and solar panels, the AWE rotor technology and energy storage system is unique in combining the power of the wind with atmospheric compression to create the ultimate in 24/7, on-demand, utility-scale renewable energy. Plus it operates with winds as low as 2 mph/3.2 kmph, and can continue to operate without any wind for 14-days. 


Not only do AWE devices generate power, but also utility scale water. The beauty is that AWE systems can be installed virtually anywhere power or water is needed. Unlike other renewable technologies, there are virtually zero restrictions.

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