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The patented AWE constant power output technology is far greater than existing renewable technologies, and cheaper. It’s a radically unique, efficient, and practical method of harnessing the power of wind. AWE devices store portions of the captured wind energy, allowing continuous generation of electricity which can be augmented to deliver increased power during peak demand times. It can be a primary source of electricity, and it’s designed to operate and produce electricity in wind conditions as low as 2 mph. Best of all, it can produce electricity in almost any condition, even with no wind for up to 14 days.

Computer generated image of AWE at work.

A bi-product of our clean energy is life-saving H2O

The AWE technology uses air compression to extract water vapor and collect liquid water. Air compression to collect water is not a new process. What is new is the integration of clean energy production, plus water extraction. Existing water extraction technologies require an energy source. The AWE tech generates that energy on its own, as a stand-alone, with no need for any other source of outside energy or fuel.

Untreated water collected by an AWE device can be used directly for irrigation and industrial processing. Or by simply filtering and treating the water collected, it can be used in local communities.

sectors awe serves


Crops, orchards, livestock, cannabis, fertilizer production, well recharging. Bringing life back to badly hit communities.


Federal, state, local, and military. From national infrastructure to local projects that affect lives of those beyond just government.


Schools, churches, hospitals. Supplying both power and water to essential services that are the glue of local communities.


Server farms, crypto mining, water-cooled air-conditioning systems, microgrid capable, stand-alone infrastructure.


Commercial and retail centers. Auto, apparel, food processing, industrial diamonds, carbon concrete, and more.


100% Renewable infrastructure, easily produced feasibility studies, base-load power, power during peak and off-peak times.


Commercial & retail centers. No need for traditional distribution infrastructure. Works with existing distribution infrastructure.


Mining, Quarrying, Oil, and Gas. Power & water closer to mining source, fire prevention, cooled equipment, dust mitigation.

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