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The AWE technology uses air compression to extract water vapor and collect liquid water. Air compression to collect water is not a new process. What is new is the integration of clean energy production, plus water extraction. Existing water extraction technologies require an energy source. The AWE tech generates that energy on its own, as a stand-alone, with no need for any other source of outside energy or fuel.


Untreated water collected by an AWE device can be used directly for irrigation and industrial processing. Or by simply filtering and treating the water collected, it can be used in local communities.
Water demo video

AWE devices can supplement water supplies for fruit and nut orchards hit by drought.

AWE devices can Create water out of thin air

AWE devices process billions of cubic feet of air in the compression operation. Water vapor is extracted in two processes. The first operation is condensation prior to compression to dewater the air. The second is the compression process. The greater the volume of air the greater the amount of available water vapor can be extracted. It isn’t magic, just good old fashioned science.

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