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When it comes to
agricultural commodities, marijuana is unique.

Utility scale power & water. Zero out of pocket.*

growing Cannabis can use up to 1% of a state’s Power

Even in areas with fertile soil and a perfect climate, most growers don’t want to move their fields outdoors. Consumers want strains with different effects which has led the industry to develop different strains, by carefully monitoring every aspect of the growing process, from hours and intensity of light, to humidity levels. This type of control allows growers to carefully tailor the THC and CBD levels in their crops, and removing much of the variability. 


Although having crops indoors has the advantages of control over the process, the cost of doing business is the immense power it takes, as much as 1% of some state’s power supply.  AWE devices give growers control of their own utility scale water and power supply – Independent of the grid and any other utility providers.

AWE devices can supply more than enough power for even the largest producers.

AWE devices Create both power & water for crops

No matter if you’re just looking for a more reliable source of renewable energy to keep your crops in an optimal setting year round, or you simply want to avoid the threats of blackouts or regulatory oversight, AWE devices are a perfect solution. Plus, AWE devices can produce water for your crops as well, which is more important than ever with drought conditions being the new normal. 

Let us show you how AWE devices can help your crops and business grow with no out-of-pocket costs to you.

Find out how your organization can get below-market electricity & water.*

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    *Actual water production varies on multiple factors. Zero out of pocket contingent on a signed contract.