The AWE is not a wind turbine. Its rotors, which turn on a vertical axis, are drive panels that are pushed by the wind, aided by several different energy capture modules that amplify the speed of the air moving through them. Also, unlike the limitations of a wind turbine, it doesn’t have a direct access drive to turn a single motor to generate electricity – it compresses air, which is then used to turn multiple air motors to generate more substantial amounts of electricity. Compressed air, unlike electricity, is cheap and easy to store.

The AWE is a total rethink in energy production.

A by-product of compressing air is water – the water vapor is literally squeezed out of the air as it’s compressed. Before it gets to that stage in the AWE, water is also removed by condensation. That water can be filtered and treated within the AWE unit for potable water or left untreated for irrigation. Simply put, since each AWE unit is designed to continually process billions of cubic feet of air, the condensed by- product is millions of gallons of water.

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