Why Revolutionary?

The power output of the Patented AWE (Atmospheric Wind Extractor) is far greater than existing renewable technologies. It’s a radically unique, efficient, and practical method of harnessing the power of wind.

Why Different?

Because it can store portions of the captured wind energy, allowing continuous generation of electricity to be delivered in peak demand times. It’s designed to operate and produce electricity in wind conditions as low as 2 mph. It can produce electricity in almost any condition – even with no wind at all. Conservative estimates of output far exceed that of existing wind-powered generation. Currently, the AWE Systems are the only stand-alone, fully renewable power source that can operate 24/7, 365 days-a-year!

Why Ground-breaking?

One of the most compelling benefits of AWE technology is it’s main by-product. Simply put, the AWE’s energy-making process produces the earth’s most precious commodity: Water! The AWE extracts clean, potable water gathered from the atmosphere – up to millions of gallons per unit annually.

AWE technology is highly adaptable and can be installed at any location from urbanized areas to the most remote locations and will be scalable to fit varying energy needs.